Ayo Balogun popular known as Wizkid had an inter view with HipTV recently. In the course of the chat, he was asked why has there been no official picture with him and Drake?

Responding to the question, Wizkid said a picture means nothing as he hangs out with people a lot. According to him, he isn’t a picture person but more into delivering good music.

Here is what he said
“You know how people I know and hangout with on a daily bases that I don’t post their picture. There is a lot of them. I don’t really care about pictures or all that stuff. I’m more of my work.
What does a picture have to prove that we hangout or we chill like we do that so why should I put it out there. I’m not that kind of person. I’m more of the music. Just enjoy my music. That’s all I’m here to deliver to my people. Accept it!!”.


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