Why Real Madrid Will Beat Liverpool In Champions League Final
Why Real Madrid Will Beat Liverpool In Champions League Final

All the stories are coming out of Real Madrid being confident of beating Liverpool in the Champions League final on Saturday 26th May.

Inevitably Liverpool fans have been a little disgruntled at the suggestion. However Real Madrid should feel like they are favorites and can beat the Reds.

This will be their fourth Champions League final in five years. They’ve won the previous three. That shouldn’t make you merely confident. It should make you unshakable.

They have players and manager that have been there and won it and then won it again and then a third time.

Liverpool have the experience of losing the Europa League final in 2016 but outside of that there is no big European final history to draw upon. The manager has been to this stage before in 2013 with Dortmund and lost.

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Real are an elite European side. Liverpool have some pedigree of their own but are on the road back to the top. Until they win the big one again, that will remain a journey, not an arrival.

Other clubs than Real Madrid might be more magnanimous about Liverpool’s threat, but much of Real’s success in this competition has been based on extreme confidence. Few would say they have had the best squad over the last four years.


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