24Buzz Nigeria brings you today’s local and international gist. And as we all know, “we no dey carry last”.

Feast your eyes on our not so orderly list of Buzzers:

1. Self Confidence

It’s really a crime to not think that you are a beautiful creature, y’all

2. Rape At Concerts

Enugu sha! What are we even going to say about this? SARS was ignored, Dapchi girls came, JAMB wahala, what else have we not seen?

3. 50 Shades of Diversity

  5 Bad Habits To Eliminate Before The End Of The Year

All of these looks for one man?!

4. April Fool’s Gone Wrong

Oh man…can’t reverse the action yo

5. Nigeria’s Greatest Scammer

Sold a fake AIRPORT?! A whole airport?!

6. Love in The Jungle

Assuming we humans would just be this loving

I guess we are loving each other

7. Expensive Potholes

  Manchester United 2 – 1 Liverpool: Ref Right To Leave Klopp In Dugout Despite Technical Area Exit - Mourinho

Oh boy! Just park the car

8. American Rescue

Thank God for Easter miracles

9. Expert Mind Control


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