The Nigerian University has always been a play ground for learning all sorts of games, tricks and fun facts. And today, we get to listen to one in full play! Yaay, the excitement never ends!

University Lecturers Demand For Sex To Upgrade Scores

“Is a CRIME” for a woman to have to give her body in exchange for something other than her love. And it’s even a bigger crime that nothing is ever going to be done about this sort of atrocity in our Universities. Correct me if I’m wrong, but having sex in exchange for good grades did not just begin yesterday. Several parents could also testify to the fact that some lecturers have always been corrupt in their marking. What’s worse is that some of these lecturers still won’t give you what you want after doing what they ask for. Just like in the case of this OAU female student.

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Rev. Professor Akindele States His Price

In life, everyone knows the saying that “nothing goes for nothing”, and that you must give something to gain another. Hence, The Obafemi Awolowo University Professor really shouldn’t be blamed for stating his price the way he did. The story first showed up on Twitter, with Enekem Greg posting the incident for all to see. The story contained the voice record from a phone call between the Reverend and the unidentified female.


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