Crazy how the world continues to advance sporadically in technology, while in Nigeria, we don’t even possess constant light to boast about. America moves on to automating some parts of their major transportation – Trucks

U.S.A Considers Automating Truck Driving

Right now, the issue of making Robo-trucks remains under the category of “To Be..” or “Not to Be”. Especially because there’s just a million and one things to consider before making the Robots official.

The group involved in this decision making in the U.S.A include American Trucking Associations, Daimler, FedEx, Ford, Lyft, Toyota Motor North America, Uber and Waymo. These companies have formed Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity.

The issues being raised concerning the production of automated vehicles are:

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1. The fact that millions of truck drivers will be put out of their jobs

2. If these trucks malfunction on their way to delivery, who will help fix them?

3. How would the trucks accomplish the task of heavy lifting?

4. Will the trucks then receive salaries? And would the cost of delivery increase?

Although this doesn’t directly concern Nigeria, but this world is a small village. When the U.S economy drops, or skyrockets, then the rest of the world will be affected.


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