The Mobile NFC Ring Device

…that kinda has a nice ring to it.

Device Details:

  1. Black body all around, with a silver lining on it
  2. Has no internal battery
  3. Unlocks your smart phone device for you
  4. Connects with your mobile device to work
  5. And is waterproof.
  6. Has just one ring having the name “NFC I-RING” on the inside
  7. Can also unlock your NFC Doors installed in the house
  8. Also comes with two stickers to be placed on the external part of your phone
  9. With NFC Tags that can be placed anywhere else so that you could connect your phone to that location…e.g: On your car

How It Works:

  1. Download the NFC App on any mobile device of your choice
  2. Place the NFC Ring on the stickers behind your mobile device for verification as instructed on the device
  3. Go to the NFC Ring Control (aka The App) and set any link of your choice (The link is really just a website link that opens up automatically when the ring touches your device….I think)
  4. Remove any screen password that you use to lock your phone in order to make use of the ring to unlock your phone.
  5. You can create a pin password just in case you lose your ring, and need to unlock the phone manually
  6. You can also set the phone on different settings; e.g. You can actually set the phone to permit you to answer phone calls while the NFC ring protection is on.
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**P.S: Try not to lose the ring though! Since it’s meant to be on your finger almost all the time


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