Consider this a throwback to a time in the age of technology. But I bet not many of us have ever seen such a wheelchair before. Lets see what it’s about

The Electric Wheelchair

First off, we all know how stressful the first kinds of wheelchairs were to operate. From having to roll the tires with your hands with much force, to the seats that weren’t comfortable to sit on for long.

Glad to say that we would soon put the older ones behind us, assuming you have the cash to purchase an upgrade. This present wheelchair has a slightly similar resemblance to the electric scooter. But this time, you get to sit on bigger wheels.

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Save for the fact that the movable device appears cooler (or neater) than the older versions; it also reduces the amount of force applied in order to get it rolling.



And not just that, the wheelchair can be easily folded to aid vehicle mobility and transportation.

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the electric servo motors located in the base of each of the hub-less wheels; giving Mobi a range of approx. 20km with one charge.

Mobi electric folding wheelchair features other notable design innovations intended to make assisted movement a more pleasurable and confident experience. It features bigger, 26” tyres for improved comfort. Integrated handrest/wheel guards protect the users’s clothing from tyres. Wider ergonomic pushrims also allow an easier grip. To improve user confidence and safety automatic kickstands deploy when footrests are shifted upwards while standing out of or sitting into the seat.


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