Artificial Intelligence has brought into this world something worth looking forward to. Especially when it comes to technology, AI will definitely work wonders on earth. The problem is knowing how far this AI could go; in ruining humanity or advancing it.

Robots Are About To Gain Rights

There’s a grading system used in knowing which robots are extremely advanced, and which are simple. This in turn has caused the European Parliament to want to issue them human rights. Could this imply that these robots can act on their own, without human influence? Sounds SCARY!

What’s worse is handing over to these robots to right to act as they will; whether they are operating themselves, or via the intervention of their creators. No one can be certain how safe that would be for humanity.

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Fortunately, the European Parliament has not been able to pass this resolution. Mainly because several Robotics Experts have refused to agree with the new law. They think it’s extremely dangerous. For the fact that the owners of these robots could claim that they do not control the way their robots behave. So what if they cause mayhem? Who would be held responsible, and would there also be an “Electronic Persons” prison too?


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