Nigeria To Export Electricity To Neighbouring Countries
Nigeria To Export Electricity To Neighbouring Countries

Nigeria’s plan to increase power generation and expand transmission includes exporting electricity to neighbouring countries like Niger and Benin in the oming years, according to a report by Punch

Based on a document entitled ‘Plan of Expansion for Transmission’ from the Nigerian Energy, Works and Dwelling Ministry, Punch reports that the export of electric power to Niger and Benin reaches 1,540 Megawatts for 2025, reaching 387 MW in 2020, but later, after five years, reaching 780 MW for Niger and 760 for Benin.

The Nigerian Energy, Works and Dwelling Ministry reminded that between 1973 and 2015 the maximum electric power generation in Nigeria increased from 385 to 1,884 MW, showing a standard annual growth rate around 6.3 per cent.

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This maximum electric power generation reached 5,074 MW in February 2016, to keep on growing to possibly reach 13,300 MW in 2020.

The report added the old energy plants should be replaced by modern ones with greater efficiency, and some enterprises have already started the remodelation process.


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