A man who has no plans for his lady yet blocks her from finding love is a padlock man – Joro Olumofin

Joro Olumofin, who said recently that ladies shouldn’t marry until they earn over N150k monthly has something for the men.

Known for dishing advice to people in relationships, the love doctor has described the type of men, ladies should avoid. Joro called them the ‘padlock’ men

Who is a “Padlock man”?

Any man who doesn’t have tangible plans for his lady, yet stands in her way of finding love.

How to know if you’re a “Padlock man”

If you’ve been dating a lady for more than 2 years and you haven’t given her a ring; End that relationship today, don’t be selfish, don’t be a Padlock Man. Let her find Someone who will step up and is worthy of her time.

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What are the qualities of a “Padlock man”

1.You use one of the most important things a lady has which is her Time / Age / Youth ( She will never be 24 again, or 25 again, or 27 again) wasting her time is Detrimental.

2.You eat her food ( You’ve turned her into your real life Ekaete / or maid)

3.You’ve increased her V*gina mileage (You have been dating for more than 2 years and you have sex almost every day, what will be left for the next guy?)
4.You let her do occasional abortions for you because you know you won’t marry her
5.You collect her money & Savings ( she gives you money because she’s investing in you, not because she’s a charity organization but she doesn’t know she’s investing in you to find your own Mrs right in the nearest future)
6.You’re using her Star and Prayers.
7.You introduce her to your friends / family and instruct them to call her IYAWO WA knowing that’s what she wants to hear.

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A word for the ladies

Ladies, it is your job to wakeup and realize that you’re not this mans lover or girlfriend but you’re his default mother / Sponsor. You cater for him, nurture and pray for him with a promise of💍 Love. A promise alone doesn’t cut it these days. SOMETHING TANGIBLE pays more. It’s like you’re investing in a business without insurance.


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