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A single mom of five has melted the hearts of many after graduating from Law School. Ieshia Champs, a 33-year-old Houston native posted her beautiful graduation photo of her five kids including herself.

What pushed her to succeed

As a single mother, I know first hand that nothing else has pushed me to become a better person than my son! It’s something about a mother’s love for her children that drives her to do the impossible!

How life was like for her

Iesha and her sister bounced around from foster home-to-foster home after being removed from their drug-addicted mother’s home. Her sister got pregnant at 14, so she dropped out of high school to help raise the baby.

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Soon after, Iesha met the father of four of her children and they had their first child when she was 19.

Then, in 2009, when Ieshia was pregnant with her fourth child, she suffered a crushing barrage of losses. She lost her home to a fire. She lost her job. She lost her children’s father to cancer. And then, she says, she lost her sanity.

Why she went back to school

The fateful phone call from her pastor.

“Pastor Louise Holman called me one day and said that God told her to tell me to go back to school and get my GED, because that lawyer I wanted to be, I’ll be it!” Champs recalled. “I thought it was a little crazy because I was too old and I had three children with my fourth child on the way.”


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