This one may sound a lot like Gibberish, but keep up with the fact that we are talking about Astronomical Particles here. It’s only the Neutrino particle after all.

The Neutrino Particle

For the first time in the history of human kind, the Neutrino Particle now has a known source, a location from whence it came. It was first noticed by sensors deep in the Antarctic ice in the IceCube detector. It appears to be ghostly in nature, as well as being a subatomic Particle.

Meanwhile, this particle possesses a home called the Blazar. And according to CNN Neutrino came from a galaxy with a supermassive, rapidly spinning black hole at its center. While the galaxy is located on the left of Orion, with a distance of 4 billion light years from earth.


This new discovery has sparked positive interests within Astronomers and scientists in that field of study. While Doug Cowen, a founding member of the IceCube collaboration and Penn State University professor of physics and astronomy and astrophysics had something to say about the discovery. He said:

“For 20 years, one of our dreams as a collaboration was to identify the sources of high-energy cosmic neutrinos, and it looks like we’ve finally done it!”


1. Neutrino is a ghostly subatomic Particle that exists in outer space. It is extremely volatile, or vaporous, particles that can pass through any kind of matter without changing. They have almost no mass. They can travel through the most extreme environments, like stars, planets and entire galaxies, and remain the same

2. Blazars are a type of active galaxy with one of its jets pointing toward us. A blazar emits both neutrinos and gamma rays could be detected by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory as well as by other telescopes on Earth and in space.

It’s only going to be a bizarre wonder what this new discovery would be used to create!


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