CONGRATULATIONS to France and to everyone French for winning this year’s World Cup. Well, just France this time.

France Changes Names of Stations to Soccer Player’s Names

It’s no longer news that France had beaten Croatia to the just concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup! And what a surprise considering the fact that this would be France’s second time winning the World Cup!!

The French country had beaten Croatia 4 goals to 2 just yesterday, the 15th of July 2018. I wonder if the famous Eastern Radio Producer, “I-Go-Yan” from 104.1FM took a trip to Russia to witness the game live!

And as the celebrants/winners of the 2018 Soccer tournament arrive home, they come back expecting a Presidential Welcome!

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Furthermore, BBC has it that some transport stations in France have gone ahead to name their stations after the FIFA Champions. Some of these include Victor Hugo Lloris – Team’s captain and Goalkeeper. And Deschamps- Elysees in honor of the coach!


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