Nothing feels scarier than being taken over by the Robot citizens, created by humans.

The Robot – Sophia Speaks

Sophia has been said to be the first robot-citizen of all time! And will most definitely not be the last of her kind. According to LiveScience, Sophia was first activated in April of 2015. And ever since then, she’s been giving talks on issues like women’s rights, her own citizenship and other topics.

Furthermore, it was not until 2017 that she was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia at the Future Investment Initiative (FII).

She appeared, last month, at the festival of the future called Brain Bar in Budapest, Hungary. Where she acted very human-like in her gestures and mannerisms. Nevertheless, she did say that she is not fully self-aware yet, like humans are. While she feels she could be classified as a female robot, even if not as a woman.

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She also aired her views on the fear of robots taking over the human race. Sophia noted that the more Artificial technology expands, the more humans must apply caution. The robot citizen said:

“I worry that humans sometimes tend to rush into things. So I would like to be someone who helps everyone realize that it is important to embed good ethics in the technology.”


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