And it’s a happy Easter celebration that’s really almost over. But, I hope everyone had a blast worshiping at church today? Meanwhile, some of us celebrities are trying to break new records this year. Brymo, well done sir!

Brymo’s New Video “Heya”

It’s been a while since I spotted this tweet, but I never really understood what was going on in the picture

But now that we have more insight on why Brymo went nude, we can now officially make a post about it. Olawale Oshimi stated his reasons for his actions to Sunday Scoop during a chat with them. And this is what Brymo said:

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“The song is an expression of my environment. I like to paint as much as I can and I think that most of us are bush people, even though we live in cities. The video portrayed a bush man living in the city. If you look around, you wouldn’t see much evidence of civilisation. We did not create most of the things that we use in this country and that’s not good. We need to think”

He continues to say that:

“Even if it’s a publicity stunt, is there anything wrong with that? Singers spend a lot of time and energy in the studio. So is there anything absurd in them drawing some attention to their songs?”


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