Everyone loves to look good, even the frog that hangs around my house wears his apparel well. First impressions matter too. So today we talk dress styles…For Men.

Gym-Sized Dress Styles

It’s funny how nobody really knows how a “buff” looking guy should dress like. But it becomes quite obvious when he dresses completely off the mark, slightly so. So what exactly is right for a man with a size 30 waist?

1. Men should generally stick to neutral and non “look-at- me” colors i.e blue, brown, gray, black camel, navy e.t.c


2. Jean trousers in particular should either be fitted on the thighs and legs. But not too tight. And certainly not baggy in nature

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3. Say no to cable knit sweater and drowned puffer coast, which will barrel-out your chest and make you look huge. Instead layer your dressing with light things; long sleeved shirt, roll neck cardigan and thin sweater (three or four if you need) before selecting the thinnest of trenches or macs to pull the winter look together.


4.  Shoes, easy wears like Snickers, boots etc, will be unique especially the neural colored kind


It’s really easy understanding your build and how well to dress to suit your body. Just follow what looks…Good!


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