It’s another COACHELLA, and this time, some artistes decide to go back in time to honor past legends! Not only are they honoring, but they are also reuniting with former group members once again to perform. One such COACHELLA performer was Beyonce, and she wowed every Nigerian out there

The Coachella Performances

“The Coachella” is the Valley Music and Arts Festival hosted every year in California, USA. The Festival is named after the place where it’s annually held – the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley. Specifically located in the Colorado Desert.

And this year’s Festival celebration began with a bang, and a tribute to a few Nigerian Celebs – living and dead. The famous Fela Kuti, Afro-beat god, and activist was remembered for his greatness at the Coachella Festival 2018. The deceased musician was celebrated when Beyonce came on stage for her Coachella act.

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Fela Kuti’s Zombie was the song Beyonce had selected for the performance.

Beyonce’s Creativity

Not only does Beyonce pay tribute to Fela Kuti, but also to the Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The number one most influential feminist in Nigeria. And because of these little show of respect to Fela and Chimamanda, Nigerians can’t stop loving over Beyonce! Here are some of the reactions shared on twitter –


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