Luke is the celebrity personal trainer who whips stars into shape, he has worked with the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Elle Macpherson and he has just revealed his top fitness tips.

Here’s Milton’s Top Fitness and Diet Tips

• On the age-defying secrets to looking our best….the secret is, there is no secret. As we age, the biggest concern that we’ve got is a slow down on metabolism (Yes, Milton says he uses things to increase metabolism). Things that help with hypertrophy (building muscles) definitely increase and include some of the resistance work into an aging body. By adding some lean muscle tissue to the body, we actually help stimulate the metabolism and really fight off aging.

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Well that’s not good enough…

• So you should marry that up with a clean fresh diet and marry that into a resistance workout, you’re going to be good as gold.

• For any women who are pregnant, Luke said it was important to workout under strict doctor supervision. Make sure you don’t not put too much pressure down on your lower part of the body and not unnecessarily raising our heart rate with things like overhead pressers or deep, heavy squats.

• Make sure to use common sense and use natural organic foods to keep that body lean all year around.


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