Short Background on the Playwright

Wedlock of the Gods was a dramatic play written by Zulu Sofola. Zulu Sofola was the first female playwright from Nigeira to have her work published, with her work resembling the story of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. The play was published in 1972, by Evans Brothers Ltd. Since then, the story has been acted on stage many times over the years; including the one conducted by the Virgo Foundation, in 2011. It was a story depicting just how important Patience is in an individual’s life.

A Summary of the Story:
A young woman, named Ogwoma, was the widow of Adigwu – the only son of Odibei. Odibei suspected her son’s wife of his death, and was in constant search of how Ogwoma had killed Adigwu. She just wouldn’t accept that her son died of natural causes, rather than being killed by the woman that was forced to marry him. Ogwoma herself felt liberated after her husband’s death, only few years after their wedding. She felt she could now give herself to the man she had always loved, whose name was Uloko. Uloko was never allowed to marry the woman of his dreams because Ogwoma’s parents needed her to marry someone who could pay enough dowry to save their son from sickness. Sadly, the love between Ogwoma and Uloko could never be extinguished. Rather, their love burned with suicidal flames even after being apart for years. In the end, Ogwoma defiled the burial rites of her deceased husband, became pregnant for her lover, was caught by her suspecting mother-in-law, and finally died in the hands of her lover Uloko. Ogwoma was killed by her mother-in-law, and after Uloko had found out, he took vengeance on the old woman before he killed himself. The End.



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