Paperback:      209 pages
Published :      September 1st 1994 by Anchor Books (first  published 1958)
Original Title  :   Things Fall Apart
ISBN              :   0385474547 (ISBN13: 9780385474542)
Edition Language: English
Author :       Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart

The book focuses itself on the Igbo Tribe, from where Okonkwo hails from. He appears as the main protagonist of the story, as his life’s history is dictated by tradition and religion. The Igbo man starts off as a strong man of his village clan; and a powerful wrestler in his days. Going contrary to his father’s weakness and poverty state when Unoka dies leaving his family in debt.

During the course of Okonkwo’s life, he married multiple wives and had several children. All of whom he acted stern towards, even by beating them. His neighbors too experienced his harshness, because the man felt his masculinity should be proven to all asunder. Until when Okonkwo took in a young boy called Ikemefuna as a settlement peace offering between two clans. The boy eventually grew to love his guardian as his father until his life was cut short by Okonkwo himself.

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On so doing, the wrestler could experience no rest from the guilt he felt after taking out the wish of the gods to kill the boy. However, while in the process of killing Ikemefuna, the man killed another man’s son. While Okonkwo’s daughter later became very sick right before they became banished from the land. The banishment was to last for 7 years, and ended when the White men came to Igbo land. The white men presented religion – Christianity – to the people, while Okonkwo stood firm in rejecting them.


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