Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again…

…Was (and is) a play written by Ola Rotimi. It’s first edition was published in 1977, and another published in 1999.

The story focuses on the polygamous home of one Mr Lejoka-Brown, a Nigerian soldier who was contesting for a political position. He had three wives, all married for different reasons. The first wife was his first love whom he chose in his days of war- Lizzy. The second was the wife of his older brother who had died – Mama Rashida – whom he inherited. Lejoka’s third wife was Sikira, whom he married to help promote his political ambitions.

While Lejoka lived with Mama Rashida and Sikira in the same house, Lizzy was overseas schooling. After she had completed her Medical studies, Lizzy proceeded to return to her husband, Lejoka. Unfortunately for the young graduate, she didn’t know that her husband no longer belonged to just her. But to two other women. When Lizzy came home, she faced the shock of her life, while forgetting that the Nigerian culture she was coming into was very different from the culture she came from. The young woman wore skimpy dresses, in the presence of Lejoka’s Nigerian guests. Furthermore, Lizzy brought her own ideals into the house, making the other wives bolder than usual.


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