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Former BBnaija contestant, Uriel absolutely knows how and when to clap back at bullying fans. The singer who wouldn’t let an ideal talk by a fan slide, served a lousy fan, a deserved response.

How it started

Rapper Phyno had shared a photo of his pet dog via IG. Commenting on the photo, Uriel wrote: “Awwwww his so big now..”

The fan who thought it was OK to drop the first thing that came to his minded got the exact measure of his bad-mouthing.

What the fans said

“they don chop you tooo not surprised”

How Uriel responded

idiot I’m into music and he is too why won’t we cross path… very disappointed I’m sure you have a sister or a mother and surely would hate a man speaking down on them… so wrong change your ways… very disgusted at the lack of respect

What we think

These celebrities are humans too. Let fans learn to respect their emotions as they would want people to respect theirs.


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