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Actor Uche Maduagwu, known for giving is two cent on any trending issue. The actor has now beamed his light on BBNaija housemate, Alex. According to him, Alex should stop showing us your unusual small Boobs as it now annoys him.

What he wrote

Stop showing us your unusual small Boobs @alex_unusual, that’s not why you’re in the BBnaija house… 😃😄😀Honestly, I’m so angry right now because my P.A just showed me a pics of @alex_unusual showing the world her very unusual and small boobs in BBnaija, is that a new fashion trend or what? Young lady, learn to keep those twins inside your dress, we’re not interested in that unusual nonsense.😃😄😀

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You are a very intelligent and beautiful girl, infact, one of the most creative woman in that house, but your only problem is that you have a special talent of allowing your unusual and very small boobs to collecting fresh air unnecessarily,😃 are you in the house to advertise your small breast? I’m the Biggest Actor in Nigeria, and I’m prepared to support you to winning the 45 million Naira, but you need to keep your small boobs carefully inside your dress…



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