Making new friends in a new city is not as hard as you think, especially when you feel you ain’t that friendly type. It is easy asf. Here are some ways you can make new friends.

Support a local sports team

Cheering for the same team makes everyone automatic BFFs! As long as you share a mutual hatred for the opposing team. But if you can’t attend the games live, there are plenty of sports bars where your kind may gather and discuss the event.

Join a group fitness class

If you want to get friendly with someone equally fitness-minded, you can buy yourself a mat and hit up hot yoga. You could crack a joke to the person next to you about your instructor. Then you can continue your gossip over at the shop next to the gym. Gbam! Friend made.😁

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Go out with your work friends

Don’t be afraid to combine your office life with your social life. Your coworkers might be new to the city too, or at least new to the job. And everyone needs to find someone tolerable enough to eat an overpriced lunch salad with every day.

See your favorite band

If you are into the same music as someone, you’re probably into the same scene, and it’s likely you like the same bars, and the same movies. Basically you were meant to be friends maybe.


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